About Xtravelist

Xtravelist is the fastest growing web space focusing on adventure activities and adventure trip planning available today.

Xtravelist.com is formed with the following two main aims:

Xtravelist Aims

Promote Safety

  • Promote safety of travellers, through operator awareness, and by providing a framework for safety improvement in the adventure travel industry.
  • Help travellers make informed decisions on safety and quality of operations, by aligning recognisable quality across different adventure travel industries by means of the Xtravelist Accreditation system.
  • Provide an accessible framework for operators to focus and celebrate ‘best practice’ in their industry.

Enable Connections

  • Connect travellers with travellers; be a place for asking questions and sharing experiences
  • Connect operators with operators; be a place for open discussion amongst industry operators
  • Connect travellers with operators; provide the space for travellers and operators to meet

Here’s what makes Xtravelist stand out from other ‘travel’ websites.


Xtravelist does not believe that the popular public ‘star’ rating systems are useful for commercially driven operations.  They can be easily corrupted and become misleading or damaging.  In which case, Xtravelist does not enable ‘star ratings’.  While comments are invited, these are not linked to any rating system.


Xtravelist does not ‘place’ listings preferentially except (as part of a ‘payment’ package, as described openly on this website).  Most listings are randomly ordered.  No behind-the-scenes schemes for placing listings are ever in use.


Xtravelist Accreditation Scheme is based purely on ‘objective’ criteria only.  Unlike some ‘recognition schemes’ which are driven by public or individuals’ opinion, Xtravelist Accreditation is achieved purely by satisfying objective requirements.