After a tragic accident last month, Parasailing has resumed in Phuket.
Of course, like any ‘adventure activity’ parasailing is not without its risks.

Nevertheless, some would say that a combination of location (Thailand, where safety seems not always to be a priority for everyone), the happy-go-lucky holiday beach atmosphere, and the nature of the activity makes parasailing that much more of a risk. Maybe that is where the thrill lays.

Indeed, a quick check of the internet shows a repeating story. ‘Parasailing accident on the beaches of Thailand’. (Let’s just keep things in perspective though. Of the hundreds, possibly thousands of flights, most are thankfully landed safely, and much fun was had.)

Following last month’s accident, the operations were asked to voluntarily stop for a few days, while the government officials into whose lap responsibility fell, scrambled hard with a PR exercise to restore some faith. That exercise included inviting the Thai Military to give their ‘expert’ opinion and take the local operators on a crash course.

Within a week of the accident the chutes were billowing once again over the golden sands; the safety problems apparently solved.

We’re not sure what has been fixed yet, but here at Xtravelist we will keep a close eye on any developments. This is the kind of industry we are dedicated to helping. Xtravelist will soon have accreditation standards for ‘Parasailing’ operators, in place and will be inviting operators to take part.

In the meantime, all we can say is if you do go parasailing, please listen carefully to the instructions. If at any time you are unhappy with the level of care and attention, choose another operator.

Lastly, please be reminded that most people’s medical / health / life insurance probably does not cover them for this kind of activity.

Take care folks!

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